An Update

Well, I belong to the club that suck at blogging.  I’m just not patient enough to sit down and write.  So this post here is my attempts to get back into the groove.  I’ll probably give a rough update on what I’ve been up to.

Adopted Rhythmbox Package

I’ve adopted the Rhythmbox package and I’m working on closing the old bugs which have been fixed.  I’m also keeping in touch with the upstream devs and trying to learn how the whole application works.  With the Ubuntu One music store coming up, I suspect this is an application which is going to be in the forefront.

Apport hook for Rhythmbox

After triaging for some time, I’ve realized that a few bugs are filed against rhythmbox when they’re actually audio or gstreamer troubles.  I got together with my mentor, C de-Avillez, and we now have a rhythmbox apport hook.  Its still awaiting upload, but I’m sure someone would get around to it eventually.

Some MOTU Work

I’ve been learning how to package and fix Failure to Build  troubles thanks to persia.  I’m not very proficient, but I’m trying to help in every way I can.

Going for Bug Control

I’ve applied for bug control and now I’m awaiting replies and +1/-1 to my application.  Hopefully, I’ll be accepted.

Ubuntu Membership

Its time.  Everyone’s reminding me its time.  So I better get down to it and make the wiki prettier and get people to add testimonials.  I’ve already asked a few friends for testimonials and a few others for review of the wiki for corrections.


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