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The Women in my Life

Posted in Ubuntu Women, ubuntu-planet by nigelbabu on March 24, 2010

No, this is not a post about my girlfriends or my love life.  Today is Ada Lovelace Day and planet should be filled with blog posts about it.  After starting to contribute to Ubuntu, there are are couple of women whom I’d like to appreciate for their contributions to Ubuntu and for mentoring/helping me when I got stuck

Elizabeth ‘lyz’ Krumbach

The first team that I was part of in Ubuntu was the Beginners Team and from there on I’ve worked with pleia2 (as we all know her) as part of the UCLP, Classroom Team, and User Days Team.  Its wonderful how she gives critical input to help see all angles to an idea and make it rock solid.  I also wonder how she managed to spend so much time in between work and real life with us online creatures ;)

Free hugs by hien_it

Free hugs by hien_it

Mackenzie ‘maco’ Morgan

I would have never known that quilt is something other than a type of bedding if it wasn’t for maco.  I just popped by #ubuntu-motu and was looking for some pointers to start motu work.  She guided me step by step through my first bug fix, understand the packaging process and quilt, and sponsored the package too.  I still use the logs from that conversation way back in October or November when I’m working on quilt.

Hugs to you pleia2 and maco for being part of Ubuntu and being there to help.

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  1. zeroseven0183 said, on March 24, 2010 at 8:46 pm


    “Behind every successful man is a woman.” Very true. And you just not have one, you have two!

    Congratulations Nigel!


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