Where we are

A few days back, I had talked about the Reviewers Team and how we were trying to get people interested in reviewing the patches attached to bug reports.  After that post, we’ve been able to do some extensive organization.

New Wiki

All the Ubuntu Reviewers Team related material is now in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReviewersTeam.  Over the past few days, I’ve been filling it up with information, but the most critical bits are there already there.

A More Active Channel

I sent out plea for help in BugSquad and beginners-team mailing list and I’m very happy to get a response from  a bunch of people.  Persia and akgraner echoed the mail to the ubuntu-devel and the ubuntu-women mailing list respectively, which has also brought in some contributors.  Also, thanks to nhandler, the channel is now logged and logs available at irclogs.ubuntu.com

Patch Day

Using the same concept as Hug Days, we’re planning to have Patch Days, we’ll not have a set package as target, but we keep a particular number of bugs as target for the day.  The Patch Day would run for one day in every time zone, that would come to a total of 49 hours or so.  Dates to be announced.

An Update on Numbers

On my last post on the topic, there were 1801 open bugs without branches attached, it has gone up to 1812 bugs now, but to give a perspective, there are 14321 closed bugs.  This makes use of a more sensible method for numbers I guess.


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