Win her a netbook!

I’ve often been amazed by dedication and team work in Ubuntu teams, today I was able to witness some amazing dedication from Melissa Draper and work in the sidelines along with Amber together to draw some attention for Ubuntu Women World Play Day contest.

It started with an IRC conversation and Melissa (a.k.a. elky) complaining about the low microblog infiltration in both twitter or about the competition.  This got me thinking into what we could do.  My crazy ideas included a video ad and a poster about the competition.  I got off IRC and got thinking.  Then it dawned on me, “Hey! The poster idea is not that crazy.”  That realization led to the following conversation on IRC.

<nigelb> elky, got some time?
<nigelb> need some help from that awesome gimp-fu of yours
<elky> nigelb, depends how much time you need
<nigelb> elky, I was thinking about a poster for the competition
<nigelb> hunting through flickr for stuff that can be used with only attribution

We spent around 1 hour hunting through flickr for photos that were shared with a Creative Commons license and Amber found a picture we all liked.  Of note, we were entirely distracted by the cute factor in a lot of pictures.  Melissa, went to work on the picture we selected, while Amber and I worked on writing a mail to the photographer, Dr. Alec Couros, a professor of educational technology and media at the Faculty of Education, University of ReginaAmber worked her magic on the simple mail I had written and turned into some professional sounding stuff before I mailed it.

Around that time, Melissa came up with a cut out, with the background removed, so that we could use it in a poster.  I know I’m bad at art and I proved myself today.  I spend quite some time working with paper to get a neat poster; I had no clue even to get a rough idea and eventually gave up.  Around 4 hours after the initial cut out, Melissa came up with a poster, which we all liked.  There were some small corrections with attribution that she fixed and voila!  We have a poster!  As an icing on the cake, Dr. Couros mailed me back giving his blessings for the photo of his little girl.

Melissa got the final poster and smaller size pictures ready in about 9 hours from the initial idea of the poster.  If you happen to know her, please give her a hug.  She is elky on  It was her amazing work that made it possible to get the posters done.

Ubuntu Women Poster

So, please help spread the word, tweet, dent, blog, and talk to folks in your LoCo to get the word out.  Let’s get some participation going folks!


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