Flash News!

Finally, the 5th of May has hit us.  Patch Day started off with a bang at 1000 UTC on May 4th. Since we’re not time zone biased and would like to give all time zones a chance to participate, Patch Day extends for close to 50 hours.

<persia> Patch Day! Patch Day! Patch Day!
<persia> So, this is the beginning of patch day.  The 5th of May is slowly winding itself over the globe.
<persia> Who all’s here?

At the time of announcement, there were around 180 unreviewed bugs in the review queue.  I’m happy to report that as of writing this post, we’re down to 108 bugs and its coming down rapidly.  We need your help in getting this down to ZERO!

Drop by in #ubuntu-reviews and you can get started on patches.  We expect you to know how to work with bugs, upstreaming, and testing patches.  You need NOT be some very good programmer at all.  I took a class yesterday at Open Week for patch review, you can see that for reference.

Patch Day is till 1100 UTC on May 6th, please drop by any time.  There is always a review lead willing to help.


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