Help needed!

A few days back Sebastain Bacher from the Desktop Team asked me if we had something that could take an ubuntu bug number as input and pull the bug title and description from Launchpad and push it to the Debian BTS.  I tried hacking on it last weekend for hours together, but totally failed to get something working.

What I tried was to pull the data from Launchpad and then send it to reportbug via python’s subprocess, but was full of fail :p  Later on, a friend confirmed that doing it this way could lead to failures because some weird stuff tends to happen (which did happen).  So, now, I have all the required information from Launchpad, the best way would be to make something that works like reportbug with python.  I don’t know to do it.  I’ll be trying to get in touch with the reportbug maintainer and/or authors, in the meanwhile, if you’d like to help, you can branch from bzr.  If I can something to work, perhaps, I can create a new project and push the branches there.


6 thoughts on “Help needed!”

  1. Hi Nigel,

    *Pulling Data from Launchpad* created a small python snipper using launchpadlib which logins to Lauchpad anonymously and fetches the bug data from the bug tracker. Here is the github gist for it

    *Pushing data to Debian BTS*
    Second stage is to push it to Debian BTS. I tried pybugz (packagename: bugz). It is a python client to bugzilla. It was originally made for gentoo bugzilla and it works fine on Gentoo’s bugzilla but throws an exception when I try it on Debian BTS. I will try my best to find a solution to the pushing part and get back to you.

    If it’s urgent you can contact me privately, since you have my email id which is associated with the comment.

  2. How were you trying to pass on the data to reportbug? There is a python module called pexpect which lets you launch subprocesses and then interact with them from your python program. See if that helps.

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