Progress Report

Over the last week, we had David Futcher who was on a week’s internship with Canonical.  Jono assigned him to Reviewers Team.  He totally rocked the week.

David did a thorough review of the docs with a good number of changes.  David and Daniel Holbach conducted a classroom session with good participation.  Daniel and Adnane Belmadiaf also got together to make a new pretty looking meter.  It uses javascript and we’d be very glad if you put it on your websites and blogs.  (WordPress doesn’t allow me to put in on mine, sigh)  David also wrote a supybot plugin to print out the number of patches in review queue

This weekly progress report will check if we’re on target to finish reviewing all the current patches by maverick release.  I calculated the number of days that we have from the start date to the end date.  The operation runs from June 4th to October 10, clearly, fewer days than I expected when I set the target of 15 bugs per day.  There are only 128 days for us to operate.  Not that we won’t be reviewing patches after that, but the goal is to get it down to 0 by maverick release.  (No! I’m not dreaming!)

15 bugs per day makes us fall short, badly, it only makes it 1920.  So, I’m announcing an increase of the daily target from 15 bugs per day to 20 bugs per day.  That will perhaps keep us on target better and deal with the new patches that come in every day.

20 bugs per day means we should have reviewed at least 200 bugs by now for us to be on target.  As of me writing this post, we’ve reviewed 388 bugs leaving only 1564 bugs to go!  Yes, we rock!

Even though, we’re well on our way to meet the target, we need your help! Even 1 patch per day helps us.  When you have free time, please help patch review.

PS:  When a patch moves out of review queue, that doesn’t mean the patch is integrated, it means that we have done a review and its either in the upstream tracker, or debian BTS, or the patch wasn’t good enough and needs work.


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