Cleansweep Update!

Ok, this post was supposed to happen on Monday but due to real life, got postponed. Here it goes
Total bugs with patches: 2283 (+20)
Reviewed patches: 378 (+31)

Bugs with ‘patch-needswork’: 90 (+2)
Bugs with ‘patch-forwarded-upstream’: 164 (+19)
Bugs with ‘patch-forwarded-debian’: 51 (+8)
Bugs with ‘indicator-application’: 42 (-2)
Bugs with ‘patch-accepted-upstream’: 50 (+2)
Bugs with ‘patch-accepted-debian’: 12 (-1)
Bugs with ‘patch-rejected-upstream’: 16 (0)
Bugs with ‘patch-rejected-debian’: 2 (+1)

Last updated: Sun, 25 Jul 2010 08:05:25 +0200

Ubuntu Global Jam is coming along and we’d appreciate it if you reviewed patches during the UGJ. I’ll post more details in the coming days. Probably even have a more detailed set of instructions.


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