Time flies

The past few weeks have forced me to think carefully about how I spend my time.  Deadlines at work inching closer cut my volunteering time.  However, this has had a positive effect overall.  I’ve been able to sit back and think on how I spend my day.  I’ve noticed that most of the time, I just start my day without thinking or planning on what I intend to do during that day.  In the last 1 to 2 days though, I’ve been writing down what I wish to accomplish before I go to bed (note: not before night, but before I sleep :D).  I put down every single and small item and cross it off before the end of the day.  I’ve seen that I’m more productive this way.  The most pleasure comes when I get to cross an item off the list.  It might as well be a very small item like

Fill up gas before going to work

But when I do cross it off the list, the feeling is just great!  Being a geek, I’ve tried geeky solutions like Tomboy Notes, but I’ve found nothing works as good as good old paper an pen.  I tried prioritizing, but I ended up spending time classifying stuff as priority and not priority, this further forced me think in terms of “Will I get this done today? If I don’t intend to, I’m not writing it in here.”  This way my list is trimmed down to stuff I really want to do, not a wish list of things I want to do in the next 10 years.

What about you? What methods do you use to mange your time?


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