Cleansweep Update and Laptop Back

About a few days into Maverick cycle, my laptop’s motherboard died on me. I just felt hopeless and lost. About a month later I found someone who said he’d repair it for me. He did. A new motherboard and it worked beautifully. Only I killed it within 24 hours 😀 I’m awesome aren’t I?

Finally, last Friday I got it repaired. Now I have peace of mind to concentrate on my Ubuntu stuff. Its been a few weeks since we’ve stopped posting cleansweep stats. It was mostly due to work work and busy days otherwise. So, continuing it again. I’m very glad that I can now review patches again after while.

Total bugs with patches: 2385 (+13)
Reviewed patches: 427 (+1)

Bugs with ‘patch-needswork’: 100 (+2)
Bugs with ‘patch-forwarded-upstream’: 187 (0)
Bugs with ‘patch-forwarded-debian’: 62 (+1)
Bugs with ‘indicator-application’: 38 (0)
Bugs with ‘patch-accepted-upstream’: 61 (-1)
Bugs with ‘patch-accepted-debian’: 10 (0)
Bugs with ‘patch-rejected-upstream’: 19 (0)
Bugs with ‘patch-rejected-debian’: 3 (0)

Last updated: Sun, 14 Nov 2010 08:05:50 +0100


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