Have an interesting project you want to talk about?

Its that time of the year again and we’re having Ubuntu Developer Week soon (Feb 28 to Mar 4).  This time around we’re having Lightning Talks as the last session (Thank you Mike for the suggestion!).  If you’ve build an interesting app on Ubuntu, we’d love to have you talk for about 5 minutes about your app and why you made it.  You can add in a little technical info about it, say what help you could use, and provide a link to it!  Add your name at the bottom of this list if you’re interested!

We also have 2 suggestions for talks about Debian

QA uploads, Non-Maintainer Uploads, joining teams and commit things on $VCS_of_choice

How to co-ordinate with Debian, how-to for forwarding patches and bugs and other ubuntu-specific debian things like how to use reportbug

If you’re interested in taking one of those 2 sessions, add your name to an empty slot in the timetable!


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