Noname.unconf Report

This post has been long pending to be honest.  We had a Noname.unconf planned in Bangalore on 18th and 19th December.  The venue we planned was Jaaga.  It was meant to be a fun place to meet a bunch of hackers with some talks planned.  I met lifeeth, neena, and Hobbes` the previous night when they were setting the place up.

On Saturday when I walked in, I sat at the registrations table, signing up people who came.  We had about 40 people come in.  Interestingly, it was tazz’ and lut4rp’s birthday.  There was cake and candles and a lot of fun ensued.  I met with a small subsection of the hacker scene that day and it was awesome.  Lot of geeks.  Geeks are different things.  Geeks at networking, web design, sys admin, mathematics, and more.  We were planning on a conf app that day and decided to write it general purpose so it could be adopted any day.  Later that night, we went for dinner together recounting the experience of the day.  Again, good fun.

I went in to day 2 in the afternoon.  The talks were going on when I walked in.  They were quite interesting including the talk about UID in India, Debian and Ubuntu BoF, to name a few.   A few more new people to meet that day and then we packed up.  It was a fun weekend of hacking, meeting new friends, and talking to people about stuff.


Comunity rocks

Hold my hand by Adam Foster | Codefor on Flickr. Licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic
Though I’ve been involved with the Ubuntu community for close to a year now, support wasn’t something I was good at (mainly because #ubuntu was too fast for comfort). I’ve been working on cakephp for about 3 weeks now and I’ve been in the channel the whole time. The one thing that always strikes me in the help channel of any open source software is the community feeling around there. I’ve often seen person A coming in asking a question and a person B coming in to ask another question and they end up answering each other and both leave happy. That feeling just plain rocks!